Installers & Pricing


Round One installers included:


It is important to think of your solar panels as an investment — and what a great investment it is! Prices have dropped over the last few decades. Panels are relatively inexpensive today, and it’s hard to see them dropping dramatically more. It’s a good time to get a free site estimate and consider taking the solar plunge.  And there are currently federal and state tax credits and good financing options.

Pricing varies depending on the size of your system and a few other particulars. The price also varies year to year based primarily on the cost of solar panels.

Systems sizes on residences tend to run anywhere from 3 Kw to 10 Kw depending on energy needs, roof size, and finances. Though larger systems cost more overall, they do tend to cost a little less per Kw hour (efficiencies are built in).  We’re guessing prices today run between $2.5/Watt to $3.5/Watt (pre-incentives but without the other costs factored in).

The following conditions may trigger additional costs: micro inverters or power optimizers, poll mounting systems (vs roof top), extensive/difficult cabling for on-line monitoring functionality; non-standard panels or frames; flat roof ballasted arrays; service shut-down; electrical modifications to the existing service other than net-metered back feed breaker installation; rocks in trenching line; panels installed on more than two roof planes; copper or shake roofs (no slate or tile roofs).

For today, the best way to understand the exact costs to you is to get in touch with an installer (see above) and work through what is applicable to your system.