solarspillFebruary 2017. Over the winter and spring of 2015-16 partners worked  on this community campaign to dramatically increase solar installations in Missoula by making solar simple for customers.  The program was a resounding success. We’d planned to run Round 2 during the 2016-17 winter but unforeseen issues prevented this. Darn. Alas, the program has worked through this pesky challenge and have decided that given the date and how busy key partners are protecting solar at the state legislature, we’re going to wait and gear up again in September 2017. Gear up we will!

In the meantime, 2 things:

  1. This is the time for solar advocacy. You can learn more at Climate Smart’s Advocacy page or via the Montana Renewable Energy Association (MREA). If you are not already, please get on MREA’s action alert list. They will let you know just when and how to add your voice to smart solar policies.  Join us in Helena this February 23 for the “Solar Guy Rally“. More here.
  2. You can still be Solar Smart this season. Head here to learn more.

Note: we’ve heard a local solar company is offering a new “Solarize Montana” program. If you see this, it is not a sanctioned and collaborative Solarize program. Just so you know.

Solarize Missoula Partners:

Montana Renewable Energy Association (MREA)
Climate Smart Missoula
Missoula Federal Credit Union
City of Missoula
Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)



The program coordinator is Bryan von Lossberg, on contract with MREA.

Contact information:
email: bryan_von_lossberg@yahoo.com

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